The goddess of transformation (Kali): The Sanskrit word kali literally means time. Kali is the feminine of the word for time which is the Masculine is Kala, time as we all are forced to understand, is the foremost of the powers which governs the universe. In its essential nature time is eternity itself, perpetual changeless duration. Everything changes But change itself this perpetuity or immutability in duration is the Secret message of time. Ultimately time is being itself the unborn, Uncreated, undying, absolute reality. Time is both creation & destruction. Time is working out of cosmic intelligence. It is the very breath of cosmic spirit.

Kali is dark blue in color and wears a garland of skulls. She has her Long tongue sticking out and is laughing. Sometimes instead of a tongue she has two fangs. Kali has four arms and holds a head chopper in one Hand and a severed head dripping blood with the other. With her other two hands she makes the mudras of bestowing boons and dispelling fear. She wears a skirt made of human arms. Kali is portrayed as dancing in a cremation ground and striding on a corpse (who is the form of lord Shiva himself). Kali is mother Gauri, the present wife of lord Shiva. Lord Shiva in his destructive aspect is known as Mahakala, and the divine Mother Gauri as kali or Mahakali.


The Sanskrit word kala is "death" on one hand and "time" on the other. Everything in this phenomenal world is time-bound. When a being's time Is over, its shakti is gone and the being is dead. Death, in other Words, is the end point in time of the life force (prana). Matter is neither created nor destroyed; it only changes form. Death is therefore a Change or transformation, which is essential for the renewal of energy (the life force) and spiritual growth. Attachment to the material form (the Physical body) causes fear of death. This is the basic fear rooted in our brain stem, the primitive brain, and is the basic obstacle in the Path of the spiritual growth. Shambhu and Nishumb are the demonic forces of Attachment, threatening our spiritual helpers and forcing them out of their abode. Invoking kali by these spiritual forces can bring an end to this threat. Kali thus removes the fear of death, the basic insecurity of the first chakra. For the ignorant ones who are attached to their physical body and are eternally insecure, she is ferocious, but for the Gods (the spiritual forces) she is Gauri, who has assumed the form of Kali to help them. In that ferocious form she conquers the demonic forces Of false attachment - Shambhu and Nishumbhu, Chand and Mund. The sadhak of Tantra has to conform his or her Shambhu and Nishumbhu, and through Invoking kali (kundalini) the sadhak can escape the clutches of fear and Death. The love of kali removes this fear and opens the door of knowledge (mahavidya) of eternity.


The physical body is dependent upon prana, flowing through the left and Right nostrils, or the ida and pingala, so called because they excite The working of ida and pingala nadis when active. The ida and pingala originate in the muladhara chakra (first chakra) with sushumna and Terminate in the left and right nostrils respectively. By pranayama, the Prana is controlled and the passage of sushumna nadi is opened. In an Individual, prana is breath, but it is the same prana or pranic force that Pervades the cosmos as time, movement, or frequencies. By mastering Prana the yogi becomes free from the bondage of time. Ida and pingala, the Lunar and the solar currents, keeps the sadhak time-bound and create in Him the fear of death. Sushumna is beyond time. It goes across the Brain strem to the cerebral cortex, the seat of consciousness, where matter is transformed into consciousness. When prana is made to flow through Sushumna, the evil forces of lunar and solar currents (Shambhu and Nishumbhu) are paralyzed and the Kaundalini is awakened from its deep sleep.

She rises up through the bramanadi, which is the center of sushumna, and Pierces the six chakras, dissolving the five basic elements into their Source, the mahat. These basic elements are the material constituents of the physical body. Any attachment to these elements in any form (desire) creates a terrifying kundalini experience. When the material attachments are removed by purification (bhuta-shuddhi), kali (Kundalini, the Primordial force) is please and the sadhak is able to have a pleasent Kundalini experience, which leads him or her beyond tattvas (tattvatic State) and beyond guna (gunatic state) to the realm of anada (bliss) and Transcends him to the region of eternity (beyond time-bound Consciousness), where there is no fear of death. Kali is therefore the Mahavidya That removes the avidya (ignorance) that makes us fear death. She is the first Mahavidya and also known as Aaadya (the first born) - one of the Names used for Kundalini shakti.


Kali's dwelling place - the heart

The cremation ground, Kali's dwelling place, denotes a place where The five elements (panca mahabhuta) are dissolved. Kali dwells where Dissolution takes place. In terms of devotion, worship, and sadhana, this denotes the dissolving of attachments, anger, lust, and other binding Emotions, feelings and ideas. The heart of the devotee is where this Burning away takes place, and it is in the heart that kali dwells. The Devotee makes her image in his heart and under her influence burns away all limitations and ignorance in the cremation fires. This inner Cremation fire in the heart is the fire of knowledge, jnanagni, which kali Bestows.


Beeja mantra:- Krim


To die daily is her daily worship everyday before we go to sleep we should empty the mind, as if each day was our last. This also makes each day our first and turns life itself into a Meditation.
Those who seek to merge themselves into the unknown, formless, uncreate nirvanic field are true worshippers of kali.
Parmhansa Ramakrishna one of the most well know revered modern Saints/teachers within the Hindu tradition, Kali is the most commonly known of Hindu Goddesses, but still not well understood. Yet much of what we admire in Ramakrishna-his love, bliss & universal spirit-is kali gift to us through him. Through him kali has already delivered us her message of the modern age.

Maa Kali Saadhna


Sadhna of Mahakali, the most superior among ten Mahavidyas of Tantra, is like Kalpavriksha which confers early success in this Kalyuga. The aspirant,having perfected this Sadhna does not face any kind of necessity in his lifeand attaining full sovereignty and final beatitude, he incurs the fulfillment of human birth.
This article presented by Yogiraj Kalidasanand is a torch bearer for the readers in the light of which they can march ahead towards totality.


There are millions of Sadhna practices existing over the earth but the Sadhna of Ten Mahavidyas (The Eternal Mother Forces) has been presumed to be the greatest attainment. Among these ten, the Sadhna of Mahakali occupies the pivotal position. Since time immemorial this Sadhna has had been performed by the Yogis and ascetics. The aspirants of high order cherish a desire to perform Mahakali Sadhna by all means in their life. This Sadhna evokes innumerable advantages but the following results confirmed by attained aspirants, are realised instantly after the accomplishment of the Sadhna-

"Atha Kalimantraye Sadyovaksiddhiprapyivan Aravitairyah Sarvestam Prapnuvanti Jana Bhuvih."

1. It implies that an aspirant having perfected Mahakali Sadhna attains 'Vak Siddhi' (power of materialising the words whether it be a blessing or curse) and also attains the desired results in all the three realms.

2. This Sadhna emancipates the aspirant from all kinds of ailments.

3. On one hand this Sadhna bestows all kinds of material bliss and on the other hand it also confers final beatitude after paying the debt of nature.

4. No Sadhna is superior to this Sadhna for the annihilation of enemies,victory in law suits and security from all sides.

5. Since this Sadhna is one among Ten Mahavidyas, perfection of this opens the door for entrance into the majestic Siddhashram.

6. An early financial improvement and possession of manly vigour is possible through this Sadhna.

7. According to 'Kali Putro Falahpradah'. this Sadhna is ideal for the attainment of a competent son and also for ensuring the longevity, prosperity and security of the son.

In reality Kali Sadhna, highly extolled by all spiritual scholars, dispels all the deficiencies of life and leads the aspirant on the crest of a wave.

Auspicious Time:

Navaratri (the first nine days of the bright half of Aswin or Chaitra) is the ideal period for accomplishment of a Mahavidya Sadhna & therefore it is an advice to the aspirants that they should choose this auspicious period for performing Mahakali sadhna.

A Simple Sadhna:

Inspite of being the fundamental Sadhna of Tantra, the Sadhna of Mahakali is simple & devoid of intricacies. Moreover this Sadhna involves no adverse effect of any kind.

Mahakali Sadhna in real sense is a Sadhna for householders. No kind of discrimination exists for its performance. Any individual whether man or woman, scholar or illiterate, ascetic or householder, can accomplish this Sadhna. What I want to stress is that any person, desirous of leading an exalted & contented life must utilise ČNavratri' period for performance of Mahakali Sadhna

Rules for Sadhna:

1. You must install before you the consecrated & energised Yantra & pictureof Mahakali.

2. On the first day, after worshipping & contemplating on the Goddess, you should start the recitation of the Mantra. You are free to perform either mental worship or worshipping with five articles (kumkum, flowers, incense, lamp & prasad).

3. Avoid the use of cot or bed. You should retire on the ground.

4. Meal should be taken only once a day & that also vegetarian diet without adding garlic or onion.



On the third day of the Sadhna, the aspirant, while chanting the Mantra, may experience an intoxicating smell in his room. On the fifth day, he may hear the tinkling sound of bells & on the eighth day, he is presumed to realise the magnificent appearance of the Goddess Mahakali. The condition for such divine perception is the performance of Sadhna with full devotion, fidelity & in methodical manner.




On the first morning, after taking your bath, wear a sacred apparel & while facing towards East, be postured on your mat. Install the Yantra & picture of Goddess Mahakali before you & rekindle the lamp of clarified butter.First perform the worship of Lord Ganapati & then of the Guru.Thereafter,

worship the Yantra & picture.

Now take some water in your right hand & recite that till a particular day,you will complete one lakh recitations to achieve your particular purpose. Speak out the wish which you want to get fulfilled & also the date which you have fixed for completion of your Sadhna. Also implore the Goddess for granting strength so that you may come out victorious in your endeavour.

Reciting in such a manner, pour out the water in your palm onto the ground. You are not required to repeat this recitation everyday.

Now contemplate on Mahakali as given below-


Savaruhaammahabhimaghoradanshtram Hasanmukhim.
Chaturbhujamkhadagmundavarabhayakaram Shivam (1)

Mundamaladharamdevi Lolajihvandigambaram.
Evam Sanchintayetkalim Shamasanalayavsinim (2)


Thereafter, using the rosary of Rudraksh complete at least Twenty one roundsof rosary everyday. However you should do same number of rosary rounds daily till the total number of Mantra recitations becomes One Lakh (One Hundred Thousand). The mantra for recitation is-

|| Kreem Kreem Kreem Hreem Hreem Hoom Hoom
Dakshine Kalike Kreem Kreem Kreem Hreem Hreem Hoom Hoom Swaha ||